Software is like rocket science

Jasper Siegmund   

In at 19:10 on 21 March 2024 in room Mandalorian

Track: Mandalorian

Ok, a simple CRUD style application is maybe not rocket science. But working on large distributed applications sometimes very much feels like it is. In this talk we’ll discover what things we can learn from the field of rocket engineering and space technology. The goal of the talk is to inspire software professionals by demonstrating how the pioneering spirit and rigorous methodologies of rocket science can be effectively applied in the ever-evolving realm of software engineering. And honestly it’s mainly a good excuse to display awesome photos of rockets on a big screen.

Jasper Siegmund

Jasper has a background as an Azure specialized solution architect. What he enjoys most are somewhat complicated projects that bring a lot of value with them. Azure is his cloud platform of choice, .NET his toolset. He’s also a frequent blogger, speaker and allround geek. And when not behind a laptop, he enjoys the outdoor life, his family and hobbies like woodworking.